The NCFR Difference

At North Carolina Foreclosure Relief we are experts in all things foreclosure. Facing foreclosure is scary, defeating, and unfair. Our trustworthy team will guide you through this overwhelming process with fairness and competency to change your life and financial future by putting you in control. We take the guesswork out of ending your foreclosure and saving your credit. We only partner with vetted investors, real estate lawyers, and licensed realtors. Everyone on our team has foreclosure expertise. We are set apart from other foreclosure aid companies through our willingness to stick with you start to finish. Our realty and property management experts can help you find new living arrangements for free and work with your budget. Our investors are able to wire loan payments within hours of a sale and provide proof of payment. Our legal staff ensures the validity and legality of all documentation, free of charge. In addition, it is our belief that everyone selling their home deserves to gain capital from the sale. We work to ensure that anyone we help walks away with money in their pockets. 

Solution Oriented

To provide the best solutions for our clients, NCFR’s member network is comprised of leading NC real estate agents & brokers, attorneys, as well as carefully selected real estate investors.

Results Focused

Regardless of your situation, our experienced foreclosure specialists, together with our qualified member network, will find the right solution for you.

4008 Barrett Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27609